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  1. Hi Shelley! Thanks for your answer. I agree with your thought, he goes to a wound care but they don't know what else could help him, not even the doctors, that's why I was asking about how to get rid of fibrin, because his fibrin gets really thick and not possible to clean it. He also feels much more pain when there is fibrin. It is complicated to deal with this condition, when nobody here in Brazil seems to have any idea of what to do. My father has scleroderma for more than 15 years, then, he knows that fibrin makes the ulceration much harder to heal in his case.
  2. Hello from Brazil! My father has limited scleroderma, and it is getting worse...he has some ulcerations, but the biggest problem is a ulcer on his foot, which hurts a lot and he cannot walk...he is in pain 24/7...the ulcer was not getting healed, and then he started using the VAC System for 2 weeks now...I see that the ulceration looks better, but the fibrin is too thick, making it hard to get healed...is there any kind of medication or anything to get rid of fibrin? Thanks a lot!
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