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  1. I'm a 37 year old female with confirmed Morphea on my back, both sides and stomach. I am about 30lbs over weight and I've been trying to get into better shape. The problem I'm having is my hips and lower back hurt so bad just walking around the apartment complex. I have negative ANA, but punch biopsy suggests I need very close monitoring. I do have antibodies in my skin, tissues and now muscles with no organ involvement. I also have Graves Disease and Mild Disc Degenerative Disease as well. I was able to find relief in popping my joints (most of the time they pop without me even trying) That being said, the only option I have is Vitamin E. It costs $150.00 a tube. All I want at this point is to find a natural way to feel better so I can become more active. I don't want to be put on man made medications to cover up the problem. I want to be healthier overall. I was taking 3 ibuprofen a day and it was working great, but my doctor said it was terrible for my liver, so I stopped. What do I do now to at least make exercising less painful?
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