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  1. Has anyone else tried Rituximab? I had two infusions approximately 3 weeks ago but still seem to be experiencing similar symptoms as prior to the treatment.
  2. Hello Lee, I also have Scleroderma but wasn't diagnosed, and probably had symptoms, until I was in my 40's so I imagine you are pretty much an expert in the condition. Obviously sorry to hear you have been suffering with it so long and now have issues swallowing. I have had problems with this for some time and actually avoid certain foods; apples, crusty bread etc., as the feeling of food being stuck also greatly panicked me. I always have to ensure that a large glass of water is available with my meals, the severness of difficulty swallowing depends for me on whether I
  3. Thank you Joelf for the message. It is really reasurring to know that others understand this condition. I am under great care of specialists but while the mediation is not working I am feeling lousy and sorry for myself! I had to get my beautiful engagement and eternity rings cut off today. I had managed to remove my wedding band some time ago when I could feel it getting tight. It sounds a bit pathetic but I burst into tears looking at the clear difference in my fingers as the unbearable tightness of the rings had left a clear mark on my finger. The now swollen, puffy digits that I have get
  4. Hello all, This is my first post, just joined today after feeling pretty sorry for myself; a common feature of this disease I experience! I actually have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) with Scleroderma prominent. I was pretty quickly diagnosed in 2015 after ignoring breathlessness, swollen fingers and Raynaud's for a few months then the inability to walk up stairs, lift myself from a toilet seat and other horrendous experiences led me to the general practitioner's. Initially RA was suspected as my twin sister has this but my consultant confirmed MCTD. I was prescribed 60mg of
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