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  1. Hey AGM2020 To put you at ease, my mum had the most severe form with the most severe levels of physical disability and lived 27 years in total past her diagnosis (she probably had the disease for 5+ years before) .Passed away december from lung fibrosis/cardiac arrest. This was a worst case illness scenario . Im 23 now and she managed to raise me just fine with the illness she had and I could not fault her one bit. She lived way longer then anticipated and I have heard quite a few cases like this if the disease is managed well. Stay positive, chances are, your life will be long a
  2. Hey! Update here Still nothing on my end, mum unfortunately passed away of advanced pulmonary fibrosis. Still hoping I won't go on to develop anything. No signs of Raynaud's, but I do have some acid reflux, mild though I need to see about. Hope all is well with everyone.
  3. I'll see about getting an ANA. How strange about the IBS, what a coincidence, do you know of anyone else with Sclero and IBS?
  4. Hey! Update here My auntie (Mum's sister) has been recently diagnosed with Raynaud's, rheumatoid arthritis and potentially scleroderma just like my mum. dimarzio . In reply to you, the only cramping I get is my IBS (but I have always had stomach problems from colic when I was younger) but I also can't wear anything with wool in. I am going with my mum to her consultant to have a genetic test as it has been confirmed that my aunt is the carrier of the gene defect causing disposition to scleroderma and autoimmune disease. I'll let you know how it goes if you are interested. As I
  5. Hey everyone ! I'm 19 and a man and I am just wondering the risk of me developing Scleroderma and if it is genetic. My mother has quite severe Scleroderma. It was developing just before I was born but improved during pregnancy (Due to the extra pint of blood). She also has Raynaud's as an overlap which developed when she was younger. I have showed no symptoms that have cause for alarm but am not sure of all of the symptoms that can be shown, my only longstanding condition is IBS and I have no Raynaud's. There is no known history of scleroderma in the family but some of rheumatoid arthr
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