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    Newly diagnosed

    Accidentally omitted, test results are below: ANA Pattern - Centromere ANA Titer 1:640 From what I read, the fatigue and pain can very much be a result of the Scleroderma - is this something you deal with? Is your memory every affected?
  2. Grandma Boo

    Newly diagnosed

    I've been feeling bad for a few years now, and as my symptoms continued to get worse, I continued to try and figure out what was wrong. Of course, I'm getting older, work is getting harder, and the stress in my life has been crazy, so according to doctors. it's all in my head. 2003 - Hysterectomy - pre-cancerous cells in Uterus, kept ovaries. Later that year found out that I had some very weird chemical allergies. Allergic to AZO dyes, (no more pain relief from UTI) These dyes are in synthetic material, carpet, furniture, bedding, bras, underwear, shoes, clothing, etc. Also hair dye. Lanolin, which is in a lot of lotions, makeup, and sunscreen. Gold, which is weird....my eyes itch like crazy and swell shut. Of course I don't breakout where I wear the gold, only my eyes. 2012 - I was at the store, went to say good-bye to the checkout person, and instead of saying words, I just started talking gibberish, not slurring like a stroke, but just not real words. This continued to happen along with losing words and forgetting a lot of things. For example, I was discussing money with my son, and he didn't seem to understand what I was saying. As it turns out, I kept saying "5 piece of paper". I had no idea that I was saying this wrong, I obviously thought I was saying a 5 dollar bill. Sometimes I say the wrong thing, sometimes I stop mid sentence and don't even realize I didn't finish. I'm forgetting things as well. I went to the Dr, and he scared me with crazy stuff, then ordered a complete vascular workup. He stated that if that came back good, he'd send me to a neurologist. Well, it all came back great, and when I asked about the Neurologist, he just told me that it was stress, and I'd get better once I learned how to control it. HUH?!?!?! Anyway, I was under a lot of stress, so I let it go. 2015 - Things were not getting better, and I was getting more and more tired. Again, everyone felt that it was stress, that is until my hands started randomly turning white and occasionally blue. That was scary, but I was so busy with work, classes, and taking care of two of my grandchildren 4-5 days a week, I failed to take pictures and give to my Dr. 2016 - The heartburn started, the Raynaud's got worse, and my memory issues were getting worse. Of course, it's all stress related. Life got more complicated, more stressful, and I was getting more lazy. My body is starting to hurt. Joints are so stiff. I work at a desk, so every time I get up, it takes a couple minutes to get moving. Started seeing a psychiatrist, and started on Adderall for ADD. This makes Raynaud's worse, but of course I don't know that I have Raynaud's. Finally I decided that I had to start seeing doctors that actually cared if I was sick or not, and made appointments. January 2017 - Endocrinologist (Hypo-Thyroid)- Finally remembered to take pics of my hands and feet. - They immediately stated that it was Raynaud's and due to my age (48 in Feb) it was very likely that I had an autoimmune disease. Got an appointment for May. April 2017 - Podiatrist - Thought I had a bone spur in my heels. I do, but I also have broken ones on the back of my heels. One of them is tearing my Achilles tendon every step I take. Was placed in a boot, however, I'm allergic to the material in the boot. So I'm miserable most of the time. Gastroenterologist - Family history of colon cancer, went for checkup and discussed my ever increasing heartburn. We did a colonoscopy, and scope. Colon was great! However, I have Barrett's Esophagus. I didn't even know that was a thing. Sleep Dr - of course I have sleep apnea, because I've been so tired for so long, that I've gained a terrible amount of weight. May 2017 - Podiatrist - continued using boot, now it looks like I have no choice but to have surgery, but I don't want to. Rheumatologist - Went for my 1st visit, Dr. took a lot of blood, said he'd call me with results. 3 days later and he calls telling me that it appears that I have Scleroderma. However, he doesn't feel that the memory issues, fatigue and pain have anything to do with that. Now wants me to see a Neurologist
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    New to Scleroderma. Please help

    Good morning! I'm new to this forum and was just diagnosed with Scleroderma. Hoping to learn more about this disease right along with you.