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  1. Accidentally omitted, test results are below: ANA Pattern - Centromere ANA Titer 1:640 From what I read, the fatigue and pain can very much be a result of the Scleroderma - is this something you deal with? Is your memory every affected?
  2. I've been feeling bad for a few years now, and as my symptoms continued to get worse, I continued to try and figure out what was wrong. Of course, I'm getting older, work is getting harder, and the stress in my life has been crazy, so according to doctors. it's all in my head. 2003 - Hysterectomy - pre-cancerous cells in Uterus, kept ovaries. Later that year found out that I had some very weird chemical allergies. Allergic to AZO dyes, (no more pain relief from UTI) These dyes are in synthetic material, carpet, furniture, bedding, bras, underwear, shoes, clothing, etc. Also hai
  3. Good morning! I'm new to this forum and was just diagnosed with Scleroderma. Hoping to learn more about this disease right along with you.
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