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  1. Hi All, I think I read somewhere if there is esophagus involvement then most likely there is also Lung involvement. Is this true? And if so, what kind of lung problems? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Jean
  2. Thank you Shelley, I appreciate your support and information! I will keep calling until I find an attorney who will meet with me first.
  3. Thanks Shelley, I spoke to a disability attorney briefly on the phone but because I am still working, they said they couldn't help until I leave my job. I'm concerned if I leave my job I will either get denied disability or it will take forever. I cannot afford to be without a check for a long period of time. My job is highly stressful, requires long hours, I spend a lot of time working on a computer typing (which with my swollen and painful fingers are getting harder), running around from office to office and driving to and from meetings. Recently my muscles have been getting/feeling weak, I'm exhausted and get winded easily. So, I am already feeling the affects from pushing myself everyday. I just don't know how much longer I can stay in this position, and it's what I've been doing for the last 20 years of my career.
  4. Does anyone know if SSI is considered for Scleroderma in Massachusetts? Just wondering, as my symptoms progress and with the work I do, I'm not sure I would be capable of doing it anymore. Would appreciate any feedback or if you have any knowledge of this. Thanks!
  5. Please help! I have been diagnosed with scleroderma, not sure which form yet, waiting on test results. I want to know if the rash that is spreading on my face, bumpy, itchy and sometimes sore is part of this disease and also the intense itching. Has anybody had these symptoms?
  6. Maybe I assumed the blood test would show because the physician didn't elaborate which form I had, I thought we were waiting on blood tests for the answers. The EGFR was 50, is that something I should be worried about? Also, does anyone wake up at night practically choking on bile and then the next day have a severe cough? I am on medications for heartburn, but they don't seem to be stopping this and it doesn't feel like heartburn at all when it's happening.
  7. Thank you for the information!! Very much appreciated
  8. Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Scleroderma by a scleroderma specialist. She is re-running all the blood work (initially run by local rheumatologist) to confirm whether it's limited or diffuse. Looking back now, it seems I've had symptoms over the last 2 years but only recently started progressing. I developed Raynauds in October and immediately started getting sores on my fingers that wouldn't heal, which finally sent me to my primary care physician. I want to ask about other symptoms I've been having to find out if this is something any of you may be experiencing. I have intense itching, day and night (keeps me awake at night) that is driving me crazy. Sometimes it itches so bad I want to scratch my skin off! I have also had skin darkening around my abdomen and my upper back and swollen lymph nodes in my neck. To say the least, I am very frightened of the unknown and what to expect will happen to me. I am scheduled for a pulmonary function test and echo. So far the GFR bloodtest for kidney function came back very low, is this common? Does this mean it is diffuse scleroderma? Still waiting on the rest of the tests. Any advice or support you could give would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Jean
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