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  1. Thank you! Not sure if this is how you link but I'm hoping. I just want to know if the rash I have looks like a CREST rash. Photo Album here.
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  3. I forgot to also mention they recently discovered a nodule on my thyroid via ultrasound last week. I was waiting on my ANA to come back before seeking out a specialist. They said they will perform ANA blood work along with a biopsy of the rash. For whatever reason it won't let me upload a picture of my rash.
  4. I am a 25 year old female waiting on the results from my autoimmune blood work taken yesterday. When I was 8/9 I developed a rash. I was seen by my primary who said it was spider veins and that was that. Over the years I've had multiple health problems. Lots of chronic pelvic and stomach pain undiagnosed, acid reflux, IBS, moving food too quickly through my digestive tract, unexplained hip pain. Looking through my different comp panels I've also noticed that my Alk PHO levels have risen the highest it got to was 189 and I'm currently at 179. Also my a/g ratio has been consistently
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