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  1. Hi guys, so I have been to hospital and it was good news.  


    I had a severe throat infection which was causing my throat to stick because my airway is so small and it was causing all those symptoms. So a course of antibiotics will hopefully sort me out. 


    Thanks Lee.


    12 hours ago, Ally 1973 said:

    Hello Lee,


    I also have Scleroderma but wasn't diagnosed, and probably had symptoms, until I was in my 40's so I imagine you are pretty much an expert in the condition.


    Obviously sorry to hear you have been suffering with it so long and now have issues swallowing. I have had problems with this for some time and actually avoid certain foods; apples, crusty bread etc., as the feeling of food being stuck also greatly panicked me. I always have to ensure that a large glass of water is available with my meals, the severness of difficulty swallowing depends for me on whether I am responding well to medication. 


    I have recently had two courses of Rituximab are hoping to feel the benefit very shortly. Anyone else had this treatment? 



    Hi thanks for your reply.


    Yeah, it's been a pretty long road. I have had most of the tops of my fingers amputated because my skin couldn't keep up with my growth. I only really have limited use of one hand. Collapsed lungs, terrible bowel trouble. I was hoping to get away with any swallowing difficulties. It hasn't stopped me having a good life though, I'm married with a little boy.


    Just need to get over this next hurdle. 


    13 hours ago, dimarzio said:

    Needs to be checked out because swallowing difficulties could have a number of causes including oesophagal dismotility or narrowing of the oesophagus (which can be stretched under anesthetic to improve matters.)


    The more sinister problems are much less common but need to be excluded.  Do you have reflux problems or blood coming from either end?

    Thanks for your reply; no blood thankfully. Lots of saliva though.


     I've always suffered with the acid indigestion side of things, but the Lansoprazole has always worked well for me. The dismotility narrowing of the oesophagus is what I fear could be happening. I really could do without the aggravation of a general anesthetic and time in hospital.

  4. Hi guys,


    My name's Lee, I'm 38 and I have been suffering from Raynauds and Scleroderma since I was 5 years old. I also have type 1 Diabetes..


    Just this week I have really started suffering with my swallowing; it feels like I have something constantly stuck in my throat which is making me panic a bit.


    I'm not due to see my consultant at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre until the end of September. I'm just after some advice really as to what might be happening & how it might be treated because it's becoming really uncomfortable.. 


    Thanks Lee