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    Does it look like Scleroderma?

    Hi Joelf, Thank you so much for your words and reply! I really appreciate your help! Sincerely,
  2. Hello Everyone! My name is Irina, I’m 25 years old living in Ukraine. At the age of 12 I noticed a small darker and thicker area on my left feet. Later there were more strange areas on my body: 1) A big light spot on the left inner thigh, looked like flash burn or scar, with small thick spots. 2) Red spots at the bottom of my right leg, looked like ecchymosis. 3) The same red spots on the left inner thigh. 4) A big dark thick area (similar to my left feet) on my belly on the left with a strong vein visibility. So at the age of 13 me and my Mom visited a doctor, but unfortunately it wasn’t easy to diagnose my disease. So at first it was Tinea versicolor (Pityriasis versicolor). Then a Pigmentation, an Allergy… Finally we found another doctor who said that it might be a Scleroderma. But it was a new disease in Ukraine and it’s been very hard to find a specialist who can help us. So we started a treatment without being sure that diagnose is correct. Also there wasn’t any classification in my diagnose. A “Scleroderma”. So my treatment was: Lydasum (Hyaluronidase) injections, vitamins, Rheoporygluclnum (drop counter). And I had to repeat this treatment every 6 months. But after the 3rd course I noticed that I got a few new spots, so we decided to stop the treatment. My Mom read a lot of articles and forums and we decided that it’s a Localized Scleroderma. Once I was shown to Professor of Dermatology and his students, but we didn’t hear nothing new. No one knew what to do. That’s all. At the age of 17 I noticed that I had a new spots on my upper back and left side area (left ribs). But they weren’t like my other spots. There were a few big dark areas with a lot of small dark spots. Sorry, it’s hard to describe. But the skin wasn’t thick. It looked like a pigmentation. I visited another Dermatologist. And she didn’t test anything. Just looked on my body and confirmed that it’s a Scleroderma and I couldn’t do anything about it. Now I’m 25. There weren’t any new symptoms since 18. Also the big light spot on the left inner thigh disappeared and I think that those red spots are much lighter now. But I still have the others. And I’m not 100% sure about my diagnose. I’m happy to find your forum, cause I was going to make a tattoo to cover my belly spots, but I was afraid to do that. And I think that if it’s really a Scleroderma it will be better to leave this idea with tattoo on any part of my body, am I right? And what about Cosmetology injections? Also I read about a piercing and I have one in my belly. I made it at age 13, so I’m afraid that it might make things worse. Why I’m telling all of this? Does it look like / sound like a Localized Scleroderma? I can make a photos if it will help. I think it will be better for me to know my diagnose to avoid mistakes like doing a tattoo etc. Also I have a question about pregnancy. I read that everything will be fine, but I’m afraid. And the worst part that we have no specialist here who can help me with my questions. Thank you so much for reading this! Looking forward to your reply! P.S. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.