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  1. It wasn't one single time exposure since I worked there for many years after and we were back in the building almost immediately. Thanks for your post.
  2. Ma'am, Thank you for your response and the article provided. My medical issues have been going on for 3+ years now. My primary care physician and I believe that there is a link between my gastroparesis and the SCL results based on some of the research done and other symptoms that become pretty severe (abdominal pain, severe migraines, bone pain where I am unable to walk independently or it feels as though my hips & spine are often getting stuck, etc.) and the list goes on. It has been incredibly difficult for the specialists that have seen me to truly figure this out and this situation has debilitated me to the point that I have not been able to go to work for 6 months now. I have come to the forum in the hopes to learn more from others experiences and see how I might be of service to others. Once again, thank you for your post. Dottie
  3. Hi everyone, I have tested positive for SCL-70 systemic, and having some additional medical issues. I was curious to know if anyone in this forum was at the Pentagon during 9/11 or the twin towers and since then has been diagnosed with SCL? I know that 2 other individuals under the care of my Primary care physician have been affected and we were all at the Pentagon during 9/11. I am trying to do research and see if there is a link to environmentally induced autoimmune disease.