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  1. tararae

    Scleroderma Expert

    I was able to get in December 7th to Dr. Trojanowski (not sure I spelled that right). I'm so so excited to be able to get in!!
  2. tararae

    Scleroderma Expert

    Has anyone on here gone to Boston to see a scleroderma expert? I'm trying to get in to see one the first part of December (we have to travel there for my daughter to see a physician at Boston Children's Hospital, so I'm hopeful they can see me at the same time). Did you have a good experience?
  3. tararae


    I've gone to several doctors over the past 10 years trying to decipher what's wrong with my body. I've had fatigue, all over body pain (flu like feeling), positive nailfold capillaroscopy, and most recently a stiff neck for about two months (along with upper stiff shoulders and back muscles), etc. My ANA always comes back as positive and this time it showed SCL-70 of 3.4. I do not have skin involvement, however I tested positive previously but only with SCL-70 of 1.1. The doctor wrote it off as a false positive since I have no skin involvement. I'm now 39 and feel I have really let my family down by not being able to be a good mother/wife to them as most days once I make it thru the work day I can barely function. Or I'm in such pain I can't contribute to the family dynamic (cooking, cleaning, etc). My biggest fear at this point is being written off again. Is SCL-70 of 3.4 (anything greater than .9 is positive) considered such a low positive that they will once again write it off? I'm so ready for some type of treatment to help my pain and inability to be what I feel a productive member of society. I still try my best to exercise (it used to be a good stress relief for me), but even that feels impossible. I miss who I used to be. I know no one can diagnose me on this board, but curious if my SCL-70 is still so low it would be considered a false positive?