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  1. May I join this rather exclusive club? Hello Judy (Judy and I are both in the group Scleroderma New Zealand) I did not realise you have Primary sclerosing cholangitis too. I was diagnosed with PSC in 2005, I was in pretty good health, but my Liver Function Tests were very high. It has taken about 3 years for a diagnosis, not being a 30 - 40 year old male, not jaundiced, no weight loss, no fever etc. didn't help. PSC has ticked quietly in the background. I saw on an American PSC website to try fish oil which is higher in DHA over EPA (yes the expensive stuff). I am sure this has helped as my LFT numbers have very slowly come down over the years. About 8 years ago I started to show the symptoms of Scleroderma, but alas took 3 years for a diagnosis of Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis. I have an excellent specialist for Scleroderma, who prescribed mycophenolate and hydroxychloroquine plus other meds for my digestion and heart and tests for lungs and heart every year. My LFT numbers came down even more after taking these medications; the specialist who I see for PSC, is not convinced. She also diagnosed me with Vitiligo and Alopecia, I had already been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism by my general practitioner, they love to party together those auto immune diseases. Thank you for letting me introduce myself.
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