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  1. Thank you so much for your reply! This is all so new to me and the picture that Dr Google paints is so grim! The anxiety comes in waves and though I am feeling much more level headed today than at my first writing last night, I am going to sign up for some counseling. The anxiety part is absolutely not fun! I guess in the end I should count myself lucky because I have a good rheumatologist that I like (and is on the Sclero list of specialists!), I currently don’t have symptoms (which sound horrible, I hope I didn’t come off as insensitive), and I have a good support system.
  2. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and figured I should join since I’ve been googling for a few weeks and sclero.org shows up in almost every result! I’ve been googling because I’m so confused and I’m looking for answers that I’m afraid might not be readily available. I apologize in advance because I feel like my story is long and frustrating. I’m female, aged 33. Earlier this spring I started getting a series of facial flushes with alcohol consumption or cold weather. My primary diagnosed me with rosacea and he also prescribed some metrogel. Two weeks later I called his offic
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