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  1. You say Sjogren's can go systemic, more than very dry eyes and mouth I guess? Does that mean with pm scl.70 antibody l could still be just Sjogren's ( which seems a lot less scary than diffuse SSc!). I've read of people having antibodies but no symptoms; my journey was the opposite, masses of symptoms for nearly 2 year, antibodies found only in last 3 months. Can the illness start before antibodies show? Sorry, so many questions, I'm just utterly confused how my health issues are so bad . Would love to hear if anyone else is having this rapid change and anyone who's had it slow down. Can it slow down any, as I'm struggling with the speed of this? Thanks.
  2. I'm trying the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet in a desperate attempt to outwit very rapidly progressing diffuse Scleroderma and myositis. I was very fit two years ago,and only had Sjogren's symptoms this time last year, plus mild Raynaud's. It is my only hope. I'm having a scary time with huge changes each week, struggling with walking, eating, much pain etc. I haven't yet been started on any medication.Can anyone suggest what medication can help please? Also does anyone find the AIP or other diet helps? Thanks for any feedback.
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