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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here and after beginning the process of diagnosis am hopeful for some advice. I visited my dermatologist after noticing a reddish lesion on the small of my back. As best I can tell it had been there for about 4-5 months tripling in size from a start about the size of a quarter. The dermatologist saw it and immediately said, that's a morphea -- which at the time meant nothing to me. He did a two-punch biopsy and the results have come back as "features consistent with morphea". At the time of the biopsy, I didn't know what morphea was, so I didn't ask questions. When I returned for the biopsy results, I was armed with more information. I told my dermatologist I had concerns about diffuse scleroderma because I also had developed bad bloating, gas, some reflux and a lessening appetite as well as my arms & hands falling asleep at night with some regularity. He dismissed me and said if I was concerned I could talk to my general practitioner about "systemic scleroderma, which you don't have." I was somewhat stunned by his response -- especially since everything I have read says that GI & circulation issues aren't directly related to morphea. Am I missing something? Thanks!
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