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  1. hi everyone, hope you're all hanging in there ok. my first pft was abnormal. i have "severe air trapping" and have an urgent referral to pulmo. spiromentry was normal, i hear. i've had shortness of breath with even slight exertion. feels like when I exhale I can't get my breath out. i don't smoke, don't have asthma. has anyone had anything similar? i'm a bit spooked. thanks you guys, love y'all. sharon in cold washington
  2. hi mermaid and everyone else. hope all is well. i have a high ana with a nucleolar pattern as well. i also have antibody to midbody, whatever that means. i've googled mine as well, and the combo of the two scares me, as they both are unusual, yet very specific for systemic sclerosis. i have raynauds in fingers and toes, lots of dilated blood vessels on my chest which look like red freckles that blanch when oyou press them. a few on my face too. i've had reflux for a few years which is well controlled with medication. i have joint pain and stiffness...lots of it. that's what bothers me
  3. hi guys!! peanut, i'm in bothell, kind of in between seattle and everett. i've noticed that these red dots stay. they are much more noticable when I'm warm (shower or washing my hands). that's how I'm pretty sure that they're vascular. barefut, i do think that these are coinciding with my son's stuff. i've been under a lot of stress lately and these dots are coming out of nowhere. i hope things aren't progressing, but the realistic side of me is saying that they are. ya know, this may sound wierd, but I find these autoimmune disorders fascinating. what are the chances that I would de
  4. hi everyone. happy new year and hope you're are doing well. my son (he has itp) is doing just fine. his platelet counts are holding steady at about 60,000. question for you all...i've noticed an explosion of telangiectasia. i used to have to really look for them. as a matter of fact, i only had a couple on my neck/chest. now, they're coming up virtually before my eyes. ok, i may be exaggerating a bit, but it sure does seem like it, lol. anyhow, they're on my chest, neck, thighs, and number two just came up on my hand. and one behind my ear (thanks, jake for pointing it out to me).
  5. thank you all so very much for your words of concern. i have been so busy lately and haven't had the time to check in with you. my second grandchild was just born dec 4th and I've been taking care of my first grandchild while mom recovers. my son went to children's. they think he has chronic itp with an autoimmune component. all lupus tests were negative, but ana was as low as you can be and still be positive. white count and red count are fine. his platelets are holding steady at 50,000, which is ok. the dr thinks that he is following my pattern. all my stuff started with nothing more tha
  6. my 14 yr old son developed bruising on his lower legs the day before thanksgiving. he has a critically low platelet count of 43,000. i started off with itp (the same thing) about 14 years ago. we are going to children's hospital tomorrow hematology to see what is going on. i won't be able to log on again for a few days, but I know you all will be on my side and knowing that you'll be thinking of us will give me the strength that I need. thanks you all, sharon
  7. hi again tammy. i just saw the meds you take. i know from experience that propranolol can contribute to a whopping amount of "all-over" fatigue. when I was on it I could barely get off the couch. and this was years ago before I had any of this other stuff. i had to switch to atenolol which acts only on the heart. a significant improvement. also, the furosemide...are you taking a potassium supplement? and the neurontin can kick you off your feet too. just thought I'd mention all this, if you didn't already know. take good care!! sharon
  8. hi tammy. i agree with sweet (hey sweet)...plaquenil saved me. when I'm tired, i lie down and put my feet up...higher than the level of my heart. when I'm having good days, i try to get moving in some way to strengthen my muscles. i stretch...a lot. i've done yoga for about ten years or so and it gives me so much more strength and flexibility. hang in there and respect your body when it speaks to you. when you're tired, please rest. hugs to you and chin up!!! sharon
  9. hi everyone!! hope you're all doing well. i'm officially ready to tackle my raynaud's with diltiazem. it's actually called cartia xt, i think. i've been taking atenolol for supra-ventricular tachycardia for years, which has effectively reduced my heart rate. my blood pressure is already pretty low. my dr's plan is for me to substitute one med for the other. do any of you take this? if so, what side effects have you experienced? i've read about really low bp, flushing, edema, pounding heartbeat. trying it makes me edgy. i need a kick start from you all, please. my doctor's pretty adament ab
  10. hi everyone. i was an emt in a fire hall in tennessee for four years, then went into nursing. i've worked in many different areas... prison nursing, hiv/aids, endoscopy (we all know what that's about, lol), and oncology, which was my absolute favorite. i worked in medical oncology in a chemo infusion suite until I got sick and had to leave it. now I work 12 hours a week in a skilled nursing facility. it's certainly not a glamorous job, but I've found more blessings in it than you could imagine. we have quite a few terminally ill/hospice residents who make my job incredibly rewarding. wha
  11. i just wanted to check in and wish you all a wonderful day. fall is my favorite time of year. i'm really making myself stop and look around and notice everything about it that won't last too much longer. the leaves are beautiful here in washington. halloween decorations are up everywhere. it's fantastic. i spend so much of my time looking down, especially when I'm walking, that I forget to look up and take in all that's beautiful around me. so, if only for a few moments today, please stop and take a look around. i hope you find yourself smiling. warm hugs to you all, sharon
  12. hi whirlway. congratulations of the birth of your grandson!! my grandson is now 9 months old and I am an absolute fool for him. since I first started to get "sick" in the fall of 2005, i've had shingles twice. once on my hip and once on my lip (hey, that rhymed, lol!!!). it was really painful on my hip. it was only about six or so bumps in a straight line and it was super painful to light touch. i caught it early both times and started acyclovir right away. i noticed that my second breakout coincided with the birth of my grandson, so I think that stressful events contributed to mine. b
  13. a ginormous hug to all of you who responded. i needed a little boost and some tlc. i got that and so much more. thanks again. it's so nice to know that I can feel safe to share my feelings and not be a burden to you all. i tend to be a bit stoic and don't like to inconvenience anyone, but the weight was getting a bit too much. i just need to protect my family from any more drama. it's the unknown that's really bugging me. how will I be in five years? will I no longer look like the mom that my kids love so much? will I look like a stanger to them? if I do, will they mourn the loss of th
  14. i saw my new rheumatologist a week ago and he says I have scleroderma. he says I have tendon thickening in my right index finger. i can't close it all the way especially when I first wake up. he's sending me for a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, upper gi swallow/small bowel test, and to cardio for an echo to rule out pulmonary hypertension. he's also putting me on cardizem for raynaud's. he believes I might have limited at this point. he did bloodwork for scl-70. no results yet. to refresh you all I have nuclolar and midbody patterns. evidently the midbody is pretty rare. i've been pro
  15. hi everyone. i recently posted a topic about an antibody that I found out that I have. i previously referred to it as midbody pattern antibody. what I have further found out is that it's called an antibody to the mitotic spindle, or nuclear matrix, or NuMA. from what I've found out, it's really rare. i read that only 2% of pts with systemic sclerosis have it, though it's prescence can be pretty specific for it. i also read that it can be associated with certain malignancies. i'm not worried about that. i'm just curious to know if anyone of you have tested positive for it? in combinatio
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