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  1. This might sound odd, but I'm just learning because this is very new to me. I read where the body makes too much collagen, therefore causing the many different symptoms. Just before I had my lab work done, I started taking Gelatin capsules, hair growth supplements with collagen, and was already taking Keratin. Does anyone think that could alter the lab work? I stopped taking everything except the Keratin, and I'm thinking I should stop taking that. Between stress and menopause, my hair started thinning some years back, which lead me to read I should be taking collagen. Now I'm thinking that might not be a good idea. Any thoughts are appreciated. Sincerely, Noel
  2. Thank you for your kind and informative response. It's nice to have somewhere to go like this. I think you're right, and I need to really work on the stress end of this, because I do think it's making everything much harder. Sincerely, Noel
  3. Hello, I'm thankful I found this group, and thank you for accepting me. A few weeks ago my Doctor tested me for Lupus because I was having some joint pain, but not too bad. I've had Gout for a few years and my RA test came back negative. My Doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist, and she ran a lot of lab work. I saw her last Thursday for the results. It's my understanding she's a very good Rheumatologist. She didn't seem worried in the least, and was very thorough. All my tests came out negative, the ANA and Titer, RA, CCP Antibody IGG and quite a few others. Then the scary one; The SCL70 came out at 3.1. I already knew what this test meant because my results came in before I saw her. She looked over my skin and pinched me a lot, and said that was completely normal, as was having no pain in my joints when she moved my arms and legs around. Again, she said she did not feel I had Scleroderma, but to come back in six months and she would do the lab work again. If it was positive, she would send me to Stanford for Chemotherapy. I saw my regular Doctor the next day, and my anxiety was enough I broke out in hives and my BP Diastolic was 202. She immediately looked over the Rheumatologists’ notes in the computer and the lab work, and told me she too didn't feel I had this. She talked to me then waited until my BP came down. Please know I understand if this is something I have, I will have to get through it like everyone that has it. It's just horrible scary, especially with the kind of anxiety I have where I stress over just about everything. I'm very sorry for the length of this. What has me confused is this. Why would the Rheumatologist and other Doctors say they feel I don't have this, when the SCL70 is positive? Can the numbers go back down, or do they only go up? I have no symptoms, but having to wait six months, I'm waking up checking my hands for any changes, not to mention I can't stop crying. I'm not feeling sorry for myself at all, but my mom who has always been there to help me now has Dementia, and it's hard not to be able to talk to her. I'm 50 and in college to teach. I'm a late bloomer, but have been ready to just drop my classes and wait. My Doctor told me not to do that, but she knows I would sit home and look for symptoms everyday. I've read most Diagnosing is through symptoms. Is it normal for a Rheumatologist to say to come back in six months for more lab work and see if it comes out positive? She said it wasn't positive unless the numbers are higher, but that's not what I read on the results. I guess like many others, I’m scared and there's much I don't understand. I'm trying my hardest to prepare myself, but waiting and checking for symptoms everyday can't be good. Any help would be appreciated. I'm glad I found this forum. Everyone seems very kind and and that means much to me. Thank you, Noel
  4. I'm new to the forum, and still not diagnosed. I'm 50 and have started menopause. I wake up sweating, or just feeling hot all over, and an hour later I've either got the window open or the air on. Hope that helps a little!
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