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  1. I am very concerned that I have scleroderma. For the last few months I have had swollen fingers in the morning that typically go away 1-2 minutes after moving them. When I stand up, my feet also have pins and needles for 2-3 steps that then go away. Last time I worked out my arms and back were very itchy and I noticed an hour or so later some red bumps which went away before the day was over. My hands usually stay flush all day but are the normal color around my knuckles. I do suffer from anxiety and take Klonopin and am just hoping this is to blame. My doctor says that I have Raynaud's, but it’s not very severe. My fingers rarely get cold and never turn white/blue. ANA test 1:320 Centromere is .9 ribosomal <.2 Sjorgens ssa <.2 sjorgens ssb <.2 chromatin <.2 RNP .4 SM/RNP <.2 Smith <.2 RA factor <15 any insight would be so greatly appreciated. To note, I am most worried about the ANA and then the Centromere number. The .9 centromere is in the normal range, but seems like the higher end of the normal range. Does that mean anything?
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