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  1. Hello, I am new here and wondered if I could get some feedback regarding my situation. Eight years ago I started having chronic water diarrhea with gas and bloating. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis and was told then it was idiopathic. My bowel issues are a constant problem. I have also dealt with fatigue, occasional intermittent neuropathy as well as cold hands and feet. I saw my dermatologist for thinning hair on my scalp. She ran an ANA with reflex. Titer 1:640, postive centromeres, and centromere QN 5. My primary doctor doesn't think much of it and rheumatology refuses to consult. At this point I feel frustrated with medical doctors. Why won't they instruct patients how to prevent or treat symptoms early? It seems no one wants to help until the disease rears it's ugly head! Anywhoo, is it possible that my microscopic colitis is caused by Scleroderma? Could I possibly have sine Scleroderma since I currently have no cutaneous involvement? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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