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  1. Hi Joelf! Thank you for your kind and informative replies! And yes, haha, I find it fascinating as well. I did follow the link; however only saw the link for Anti- Fibroblast Antibodies. I may just be missing it! Thank you again. T
  2. Hi Newin! I also have positive ANA and anti-fibrillarin antibodies which started after I had a long/recurrent infection last year. I am still trying to find out what the initial infection was and whether or not this will/has developed into Scleroderma or not. I will follow your post and I also started a post looking for others in this situation. I understand what you mean about spending so much time researching what could be wrong with you that your other responsibilities are hard to keep up with. It feels like my full time job now. Sending you peace and hope. You are not alone. T
  3. Hey y'all! Aside from several small studies and journals referencing those studies, I have found it difficult to find much regarding Anti-Fibrillarin Antibodies online- much less someone else with them.. Anybody else out there with these antibodies? I'd love to share experiences. T
  4. Hey y'all, I've just joined the forum after finding great comfort and info through it these past 6 months. I began having GI issues, reflux, arthralgia, and other systemic issues following a serious illness I developed while living in a rainforest in the Caribbean last year. My initial illness consisted of sudden fever (104+), rigors, joint, back, head and abdominal pain. This fever lasted 4 days then resolved only to return one month later - and again one month later - and again one month later until I finally flew back to the states to seek health care, expecting a quick diagnosis and cure. That was September 2017. Now, 9 months since my return and over one year since that first fever, I still have no idea what is wrong with me. I am a 27 y old female and was a farmer prior to this and am still unable to return to work due to the arthralgia, exhaustion and morning stiffness. Following the last fever in August, the joint pain never went away. I began to develop severe reflux and GI issues. I had already had Raynauds for 10 years but began experiencing new changes in my hands. The doctors could not find any current infection but did find that I had a positive ANA, depressed C3 and C4, Eosinophilia and a positive Anti-Fibrillarin Antibody. All of these remain this way today. I currently have a diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease with leanings towards Scleroderma. I have become fixated on finding the cause of my initial illness, though understanding it may not help treat my current situation. My question for y'all is if anybody else began experiencing symptoms following an infection/trauma/illness? The last day of the initial fever I hiked to a place with a cell connection and learned my former boyfriend and best friend had died unexpectedly a couple days before. It was several weeks later that the fever returned and the cycle began. I wonder if the combination of the infection and the trauma could have "fried" my immune system. Alternatively, did anybody's Scleroderma begin as recurrent high fevers? I want to keep an open mind and a broad differential. Thank you so much for reading this and am looking forward to any experiences/insights y'all are willing to share. With Hope, T
  5. Hi Kamlesh, I currently have a diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD), however I have Anti- Fibrillarin Antibodies and symptoms which are suggestive of Systemic Sclerosis. I also do not have Celiacs or Chrohns Disease. I quit eating all grains(wheat, corn, rice, beer, etc.) two weeks ago to see if this would help any of my GI issues. I am vegan so do not consume dairy and have not for some years before developing these changes last year. So far I have not noticed any changes from cutting out grains but intend to stick with the diet for at least one month. If this does or doesn't help me it doesn't necessarily indicate anything for you as we likely have different triggers/ causes but I will let you know just the same how it goes! The epithelial barrier is in the intestines, this is also called Increased Intestinal Permeability. I am now researching "foods which increase intestinal permeability" and trying to limit those. My vegetarian diet has consisted of grains and beans every day these past 8 years- two things that might contribute to increased intestinal permeability. I would like to limit both to see if this helps but being vegan and allergic to nuts I worry it would be hard to maintain a balanced diet- so for now, I will just cut out the grains. I will try to limit sugar, alcohol and other inflammatory foods as well. We are all different but I hope we can find strength and answers through what we have in common. In Hope, TGK
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