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  1. Good morning, I was diagnosed at the age of 9 with Scleroderma/morphea with patches on both sides of my neck and below the neck on my collar bone. The spot on my collar bone was very thick and had a scar tissue appearance. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis and I was treated with cortisone tape and Vitamin E for maybe 7 years. After a few years of using the cortisone tape, the front spot thinned out completely and remained a discolored mark on the skin. I am now 55 years old. For the past few years I had a small lump where the biopsy was done and it hurt when I touched it. My dermatologist removed it and I believe that it was a pre basal cell. My question is, should I be routinely following up regarding my scleroderma/morphea with anyone? Over the years when I have mentioned it to my primary care physician or dermatologist and they have said nothing. I definitely have some arthritis in some fingers, jaw, back, but always attributed to age. Could any of this be related to the scleroderma? Thanks much, Anne H
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