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  1. Thank you so much for your reply, I'm so happy to have found you because you're are way more helpful than any doctors I met and way more comforting, so thank you very much to show that much care to a stranger. I don't think it's the disease you referred to but it could be possible that it's not Raynaud's then. As for the antibodies, thank you for your explanation, I'm reassured now; I thought it was much more indicative of scleroderma or other diseases. I feel bad for just responding with three lines, but you really answered my questions . Thank you very muc
  2. Hi, thanks for your responses Joelf and Shelley. Yes, it's odd because her toes have been purple with orange patches all the time for the past few months without any changes. I checked acrocyanosis on the internet; I'm not too sure what to think but it could be possible as my mother had varicose veins and poor legs circulation. My Doctor talked about scleroderma for my sister while explaining the blood test results to us (+ANA and Raynaud's) but I learn as you told me there are a lot of other autoimmune problems. I'm worried about the number of ANA in her blood, it's qu
  3. Hello everyone, I made a post a few days ago about my little sister getting Raynaud's and ANA positive 1:2560 (are there healthy peoples with that high of a titer?) with no other symptoms and Raynaud's Phenomenon running in our family. My doctor talked about scleroderma but was not that worried and no appointment to any rheumatologist was planned, which is bothering me. I tried to do what very lovely peoples told me here, to keep calm and all, so thanks for your help. I was just wondering if little injuries on toes usually appear with Raynaud's Phenomenon?
  4. Thanks for your kind words, Margaret! I'm actually her elder brother, but I'm very protective. What I've read and seen these couple of days on the internet is frightful; I'm truly in a dark place, but I'm dearly happy I found this incredible community because it seems that people here are so kind and encouraging. I'm also happy to hear that those auto immune diseases are manageable and in most cases not deadly and that we could live quite normally with it. I was just shocked that she is so young to have something like that. I'm now hoping she'll never show any other sym
  5. Okay, I understood that it's not just a simple diagnosis and thank you and Shelley for your kind words. I just wanted to know if there is a cure or if the person can have a normal life with this disease or it really depends; I heard that there is no cure which is frightening. And to add , I'm a very pessimistic person so in tough times, I'm just miserable, like right now. I love my sister so dearly that I can't imagine something wrong.Your slogan "it is what it is" is quite peaceful, so thank you for your support!
  6. Thank you so much for all your responses and support. I'm just extremely worried. So is it quite common that primary Raynaud's gives those ANA positive results? I've had myself a lesser version of Raynaud's when I was 14. She is quite underweight and has not any symptoms apart from that. Have you ever encountered someone like that? Thanks for your responses.
  7. Hello Everyone, First I apologise for my English, as it is not my mother tongue language. My 15-year-old sister has had Raynaud for a few month and tested positive for anti-nuclear antibodies and my doctor talked about scleroderma. I feel devastated. I can't eat or spend a minute without thinking about that mysterious disease I just discovered. However, I've had been told that it doesn't necessarily mean that she has the disease. Can primary Raynaud disease cause a "flare up" of ANA antibodies without meaning anything else? I feel like I can't w
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