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  1. Many thanks Joelf for your response. I have got a rheumatologist, and a haematologist - amongst other "ologists". I have also got a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm - a type of blood cancer - namely Essential Thrombocytosis and Polycythaemia Rubra Vera. These were caused by a genetic mutation (JAK2 mutation). Of interest is a paper called "MPN's as Inflammatory Diseases - the Evidence, Consequences and Perspectives" written by 2 Doctors from Copenhagen Denmark. From reading that, it seems the genetic mutation that seems to have affected me since age 15, has led
  2. Started on Plaquenil at 200mg a day for 2 weeks, and have been on 400 mg a day for a little over a week - which is my maintenance dose. I have been feeling extremely fatigued, but now also am having terrible mood changes and feel terribly depressed at times. I am concerned that if I stop taking the Plaquenil, I will start having more episodes of acute arthritic arthritis - which are terribly painful and usually put me in hospital. I have not been offered any alternatives. I have had scleroderma for approx 20 years without being given any DMARD's.
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