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  1. Hello all. I just received my blood test results and unable to see the rheumatologist until late October and hoping someone can give me some insight. Results: Avise CTD Test Elisa ANA IgG- 68 units Interpretation- Strong Positive IFA HEp-2 - Titer 1:1280 Interpretation- Positive Pattern - Centromere Story: I went to the doctor in July because I was convinced I had Lyme. Fever, joint pain, joint swelling, joint stiffness, heart palpitations, fatigue, and forgetfulness. Lyme came back negative. I asked to see a rheumatologist. He leaned toward rheumatoid arthritis (but my joint pain wasn’t symmetrical). RA factor was negative though. He tested my ANA and it came back positive at 1:160 centromere. He said that was CREST and went through some of the symptoms with me. I have had Raynaud's for about 7 years, check. No skin tightness. I have occasional problem swallowing. He noticed a red dot on my face, pressed it and confirmed it had to do with one of the CREST things but can’t remember which one. But also stated I only have one and there are usually many. About 5 years ago I had a butterfly rash (and still do but it’s very light now) and a positive ANA but the doctor I saw at the time said he wasn’t worried about it and didn’t look any further. Even with the centromere this doctor was thinking with my symptoms it looked more like lupus than CREST. He ordered me a specialized test and I had to go to a specific lab to get the Avise CTD test. All two pages came back negative except the two I listed above. All my googling leads me to is CREST (limited scleroderma) with these results. Lupus makes more sense to me but if it’s centromere than it has to be limited scleroderma? I don’t have skin tightening or swollen knuckles. My left ankle was swollen to about 3 times it’s size for about 3 weeks but that doesn’t seem to match scleroderma. Unfortunately I can’t see him until late October. One reason I’m worried is my aunt died of scleroderma at age 60. It affected her lungs. I understand that’s not typical and usually doesn’t happen but it’s hard to not think about. Can an anyone give me insight on my test results? What should I ask the doctor when I see him? I don’t have all the symptoms now but does a positive result mean they are coming? Anything else I should know? Thank you for reading.
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