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  1. Thank you Margaret and Jo for the replies. We haven't done any imaging tests yet. That will be done at her next rheumatology appointment in a few weeks. I was fortunate to find Doctor Kathryn Torok at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh who specializes in pediatric scleroderma. We made an appointment to see her in November for a second opinion. Many thanks, Erin
  2. Hello all, we got the call today that we have been dreading. Our 13 yr old daughter was referred to a pediatric rheumatologist by her primary doctor. I took her in because she’s been experiencing terrible shoulder and knee pain all summer. I have RA so I was afraid she might have the pediatric form of it starting. She was negative for rheumatoid factor but positive for ANA and ACA. The rheumatologist confirmed the findings and said she has CREST. Of course I’m devastated and perhaps I’m grasping at straws but she has no CREST symptoms at all. Her only symptoms to this d
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