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  1. Thank you Shelley! You've provided some really good resources. The only symptom I seem to have is muscle pain (not joints) at night -- glutes, hamstrings, quads, abductors -- just ache! Now muscles in my forearms (recently). Dr. was treating me for fibromyalgia along with Hashimoto's. She ran an ANA & Scl 70 came up positive. Was doing research and came across "Morphea" and remembered the mysterious itchy patch. Was thinking it could have been Morphea? I appreciate your advice! Thank you so much!!
  2. Thank you Jo! I appreciate your reply! Doe333
  3. Hello! I am trying (unsuccessful so far) to determine if Morphea will cause a positive reaction to an ANA Scl-70 test. I have a positive Scl-70 test. Over the past 5-6 years I've had this mysterious "itchy patch" on one of my shins. I believe it appeared around the time I had a case of poison ivy. This patch looked like a bruise at times; itching would come and go (often severe to the point of wanting to rip off my skin!); usually looked brown and scaly; nothing would help it (creams, ointments); it did tend to ease up during the summer (exposure to sunlight??). Then this past s
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