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  1. Hi All, I am trying to find out if there are people diagnosed with morphea from India, so that it's possible to find out treatments, doctors and hospitals . If there are any, please do reply to this topic. .
  2. Thanks Joelf, It feels so wonderful to receive your reply. It is the first time I got any reply from any groups regarding the issue. Most of the times, people have no idea what I was talking about. Thanks for the Contact details of Dr. Pravin Patil. Fortunately this doctor is located in the same city as I am in and lives 3 miles away from my home. For now I have booked the appointment to meet him for tomorrow. Hoping to find some treatment.
  3. Hi all , I am glad to found this forum. I am 30 years old male from India suffering from severe case of linear morphea since childhood. It has affected me so badly that I have disability in right hand, right arm and right leg. It covers my right arm and right leg and had made them weaker than the left part of my body. When I was diagnosed with morphea, I was 7 years old and since there was no information available about it, it grew quickly . Only at the age of 15 it stopped progressing . From age 15 to till now it was not growing but now I have observed new reddish pat
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