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  1. Thank you for the kind welcome to the forum. If I weren’t so “swollen” I certainly wouldn’t be too uncomfortable and it probably wouldn’t be as difficult for a professional to evaluate and treat. My rheumatologist has referred me to two scleroderma centers, one in Boston and one in Connecticut. My dermatologist referred me to a dermatologist who specializes in connective tissue and skin disorders. I will go wherever gives me an appointment the soonest, but I’ve already been forewarned that these things don’t happen overnight!
  2. By definition, I expect to have read a lot about thickened, hardened, blotchy skin. But my biopsy indicated the bottom of a tissue layer expanding and thinning the upper layers to compress into that hard thickness. But expand is an understatement! My skin is so tight around my midsection and ribcage. I haven’t gained any weight, but it easily looks and feels like an additional 30-35 pounds and gets more uncomfortable throughout the day as I add food and liquids. And the appearance isn’t the yellow/white looking patches. I have patches that are shiny, minor itching, red splotches, etc., but my
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