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  1. Hi, I picked up my lab results this week to take to my first rheumatologist appointment next week. My scl-70 is 13, pm/scl 75 is 57, and my pm/scl 100 is 46. I have been told based upon the results that I most likely have pm/scl overlap. Should I be concerned with the scl-70 result - and what is a "high" range for that test? I know above 11 but I can't find anything that talks about how high is high. Some things I read state that scl-70 is typical in systemic sclerosis, other things state it's not relevant if found with other auto antibodies. Anyone else have results like mi
  2. Thank you for the encouragement and helpful advice.
  3. I'm a 50 year old female with secondary Raynauds for about 2 years now and was diagnosed last week with SSc. My Pm/Scl 75 and 100 were high and I have the thick skin along my index fingers, splitting on my fingertips, joint pain/swelling in my hands, patches on my knees and feet, fatigue, and just starting to deal with heartburn. I see a rheumatologist on November 6. My doctor is putting together a list of tests I should have done and I'm doing a lot of research in preparation for my first visit. Any helpful advice as I prepare for my visit and as I start this journey? So far
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