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  1. Thank you Joelf. I'm optimistic Happy Holidays!
  2. Went to my appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday and it turns out I have limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (CREST syndrome). Went for more labs, urine culture, chest xray and have future appointments for echo-cardiogram and gastrointestinal workup. The Dr. wants to get results before moving forward with possible immunosuppressive therapy. She did start me on calcium channel blocker and GERD medication. I want to thank everyone on this site for all your support.
  3. Thank you Margaret. I will definitely do my best to stay optimistic. Happy Holidays!
  4. Thank you, dimarzio, that is all good advice. I agree that fighting is better than sitting back in defeat. I will never do that, I will always fight.
  5. Margaret, like your son, I only have mostly internal issues and Raynaud's. I don't have skin issues as of yet. I wish all the best for your son and am happy to hear he is doing well. Cathy, I'm happy to hear you are doing well to. Best wishes and happy holidays to you both!
  6. Thank you Margaret and Cathy. Your replies have been very encouraging. I see Rheumatologist on December 12th at the National Jewish Health in Denver which is supposed to be very good in this area. After reading all the depressing information online I decided to just wait and see what Dr. diagnoses. If it's Crest or another autoimmune disease then I'll just deal with it one day at a time and try to live as healthy as possible. I'll try to stay stress free too If that's at all possible lol
  7. Hello All, I'm so glad I found this site. Everyone seems so supportive and helpful. Last year I received a positive ANA with a titer of > OR = 1:1280 with a CENTROMERE pattern. Just recently had another test done and results were ANA Positive, CENTROMERE B ANTIBODY >8.0 POS. I have Raynaud's and one of my toes turned purple and black last year. I get joint and muscle pains, headaches, tight upper back pain, bad heartburn, dizzy and numbness and tingling in fingers and toes. I'm wondering if anyone had similar lab results, experienced similar problems and wha
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