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  1. In 2012 I developed short fiber neuropathy and later I started developing Raynaud's and then the short fiber neuropathy progressed into polyneuropathy. My neurologist referred me to a Rheumatologist because I was starting to develop joint pain and then the Rheumatologist ran some tests and I had a positive ANA and she ran more tests and it was nucleolar, but she ran an scl-70 Ab and it turned out negative. But, she pursued no other antibodies. Until 6 years later, which by this time I had been on methotrexate for the whole time because she was treating me for UCTD. Then, about two months ago, she decided to run a Comprehensive Scleroderma Ab Panel and realized that I had a positive anti- RNP III Ab at 58 which is moderately positive and a anti pm/scl Ab which was positive as well . She referred me to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and I was seen pretty quickly the next month. I was shocked when they ran my blood tests only to show everything was negative with the exception of anti-pm/scl Ab. How can that be ? How does that happen so quickly ? I have so many symptoms . I have a small amount of pulmonary fibrosis, a small amount of sclerotic tissue in my heart, a lot of gi issues, rashes on my face for which I have cortisone cream and they did notice under microscope some blood vessels that were abnormal. Yet, the Doctor there said "no you are not textbook and you do not have interstitial lung disease, so you are fine". I am amazed that your blood can go and change like that ? I guess I am concerned . And maybe puzzled about my condition .
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