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  1. Update: I finally convinced a rheumatologist to see me. I am very scared as I have had no explanation of anything to me since I got my blood work 3 months ago and am afraid of getting the worse possible news ( of course) being a single mom and I have no one to help me with my kid. I believe I have been having some symptoms and was wondering if they sound familiar. Red rash that comes and goes on my hands along with very stiff joints in my hands but then it will go away as fast as it came on. I have a lot of other orthopedic issues as well so it hard to tell if pain is from orthopedic or if it maybe something else.
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately at this time finances limit me from going elsewhere maybe at a later date I’ll be able to see a specialist. This forum has really helped with my anxiety and fear about my blood work and hopefully it does not progress for me.
  3. I have just recently received blood results of ANA 1:40(neg) and anti-scleroderma 2.4. No one in my area is taking any new patients and I was told that because of the low ANA and all other blood work was okay that I’m in the wait and see category. I would love to be able just to sit down and talk to a specialist, but for now I’m told I need no referral. I'm wondering if anybody else is ever been in the situation and how they proceed.
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