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  1. Hello All So I received my diagnosis today and the doctor said it was CREST. My Raynaud's is pretty aggressive and he prescribed me Norsvac (amlodipinebesylate) and later will consider Plaquenil. Has anyone tried these medications?
  2. Hello Phyllis, I am new to this forum( hello everyone). Phyllis, interestingly enough I just got my blood results back and I have the same results you do and suffering also from the Raynaud's. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid back in August 2018. I am going to little crazy since reviewing the results and will not get an official diagnosis until I discuss it with my doctor that I see in two weeks. Let’s see what happens. Right now the Rayaud's is pretty bad, up to 25 bouts a day. Have to wear gloves to work because it’s not just the cold but the stress the fingers (typing , holding something, squeezing etc).
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