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  1. Can you help me interpret these results? I'm so confused what all this means. Obviously I have some type of autoimmune disease going on, I'm guessing omment: A positive ANA result may occur in healthy individuals (low titer) or be associated with a variety of diseases. See interpretation chart which is not all inclusive: Pattern Antigen Detected Suggested Disease Association ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Homogeneous DNA(ds,ss), SLE - High titers Nucleosomes, Histones Drug-induced SLE ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Speckled Sm, RNP, SCL-70, SLE,MCTD,PSS (diffuse form), SS-A/SS-B Sjogrens ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nucleolar SCL-70, PM-1/SCL High titers Scleroderma, PM/DM ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Centromere Centromere PSS (limited form) w/Crest syndrome variable ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nuclear Dot Sp100,p80-coilin Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nuclear GP210, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Membrane lamin A,B,C ----------- ----------------
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