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  1. Hi Everyone, I really hope this thread gets checked? I have a positive ANA found on blood work done in 2015. Given the "million dollar workup" by a rheumatologist and all was negative and no signs and symptoms of anything either (although looking back while writing this post I realized my scl-70 was 0.3). So I was told to not worry since the ANA titer was low ANA 1:80. Then I got pregnant and had my son in 2016 and went for a regular physical about 7-8 months after delivering and had no symptoms but was found to have Hashimoto's. This was what we all assumed was my ANA manifestation. Then my doctor repeated my ANA (it wasn't necessary but he did it) at my physical appointment a year later and it was positive again (which we already knew) and this time my scl-70 came back positive as well at 2.1. I was then sent for cardiac and pulmonary testing and to a Rheumatologist and since all was negative with the workup and she saw no physical signs, she told me to ignore it and that I didn't even need to continue to follow with her but to contact her if I showed symptoms at any point and reviewed what those were. I was then tested in August 2018 at a physical yet again and my SCL-70 was 1.4. Still no symptoms and still don't follow with anyone. I have been VERY happy about all the doctors thinking it's just a false positive BUT I do live with it in the back of my mind and at this particular time I am VERY stressed about this. I did have a second child AFTER having known that my result was false positive but now I am thinking of having a third child and I just feel like pregnancy wreaks so much havoc on your body and I don't want to "rock the boat" and cause a false positive to become a "positive". I talked to myprimary medical doctor who advised talking to my obstetrician. After talking to my OB she advised I talked to a perinatologist which I did. Now after talking to the perinatologist she advised me to talk to a Rheumatologist which I have yet to do (I am too scared!) This was a door I tried to close back in 2015 when it all first was found and I never wanted to reopen this door unless something came up symptom-wise (which thankfully it hasn't). I guess the reason I am even thinking about this is because I don't want to "rock the boat" when I'm doing and feeling good now and still a false positive and I am having a hard time finding ANY information on people with false positives for SCL-70 who get pregnant and then may or may not go onto become positive or stay negative. My doctors all think I'm had great pregnancies and deliveries so far and should just go for it and they'll monitor but to me it's a big decision since it seems so far that nobody can tell me my risk or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm really struggling and scared to have another child but I also don't want to miss out in my life just by being scared of something that could never be. Thank you so much in advance and sorry for the long wind!
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