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  1. I never talked to anybody before who felt these same sensations-I also feel like something "light" like a cobweb is touching my face, (especially around my eye lids) or something is crawling around on my head; my feet and hands do the burning prickly thing and now my rear end! Always with the crawly, spidery, sometimes even itchy sensations; I sure hope things get easier for you and your son.
  2. Hi. I have had trouble my whole life with "fibrous growths" in and on my organs (first kidney surgery at age 6 ) - multiple surgeries to repair "scar tissue" and "adhesions", hysterectomy and repair surgeries (early 20's) because of "fibrous growth bands" from 1963 to 1985 - lots of skin issues. I was told about 20 years ago (age 44) "Oh, you are just cold because you have Raynaud's-no big deal" - and I thought OK. I started getting weird red bumps on my face that would not go away, had trouble with my jaw and hands, cold and burning feet and toes, etc., etc., but I never got
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