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  1. Hi Jo, thank you, I'm not sure if I dare look at mortality page. I want to, but I have terrible health anxiety, when I googled I read 3 to 15 years and I've cried all day. I'm terrified. I know I need to shake myself up; I'm normally such a positive person. Google isn't kind.
  2. Hi rainbow , I have a similar story; just diagnosed and terrified with all I'm reading. I have positive ACA and Raynaud's, and mild reflux on lansoprazole; had both of these for years alongside underactive thyroid and have been diagnosed with mild limited systemic scleroderma. I'm so scared, how are you doing now? Can anyone reassure me I feel like I'm living life on the edge of uncertainty, terrified of not being able to swallow. Hi Ann, I'm newly diagnosed , similar to how you were. How are you now please? I'm goin
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