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  1. Dear friends, When the disease start affecting the face, does it start with hurting? Do you feel it? How does it feel? Thank you, Jacob
  2. Hi Julia, I am at the same situation. Tested positive for ANA and ACA one week ago. But no symptoms only gerd. I am not sure if Rainbow is going to reply to your comment but if you click on her name it will take you to her recent posts. Good luck! Jacob
  3. Dear Friends, I am very new to this forum, living in California. I had a sore throat, joint pain, and fever three weeks ago. I went to the Emergency room, they did some blood work and I came back home. All symptoms disappeared in two days after my ER visit, I only used ibuprofen for it. One of my test came back, that was positive strep throat. My other results come back after a week. It shows positive ANA and positive Anticentromere. I have no other symptoms until I started searching the result online, I saw it is related to Crest Syndrome. I was stressed out and started feeling sensation and pain into my fingers. Yesterday had an appointment with rheumatology Doctor. She examined me and asked several questions. She said at this point there is no evidence to show that you have the disease (only my positive blood work), and asked me to repeat the blood work in six months. I don't have any other symptoms, but I have acid reflux in the last 15 years (I am 36 male). My dad also has acid reflux. Is there anyone at this forum to experience the same thing. Thank you very much for the reply. Jacob
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