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  1. Hi, my name is Alex and I found your guys' website doing some research on too much collagen in the body. Now I believe I may have caused this to myself without even knowing since I started taking collagen protein. I have been taking it for a month and I have taken more than the the daily serving only because I never knew too much collagen was bad. I had gone to the ER on Monday and they said all my blood work was fine, but I had heart arrhythmia, but that I was fine. But I don't feel fine. My joints have been hurting lately. My right elbow, sometimes left. My wrists both but not as much as my right elbow. I feel cold all the time. I have tinnitus, which I feel has gotten worse. I was dieting and I thought my weight loss was due to that but now I can imagine this must've had an effect on it. I'm at 135. I was 189 in September of last year. Sometimes I feel more tired than I think I should be. I had insomnia for the past week, it's gotten a little better. I need info on this and if it can be reversed, any diet changes or info would be greatly appreciated.
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