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  1. I was on Methotrexate injections for about 4 months. I was just starting to get used to it and was starting to feel a big difference in my muscles and joints when I started having a terrible time breathing. Turns out I was allergic to the methotrexate and had to stop taking it. Just keep a watch out for any symptoms you may have, I had no idea that it could cause breathing problems but my dr says that is a classic symptom of someone not being able to tolerate it. Good luck to you, it was really helping me until that started.
  2. I have been having trouble with my thyroid (swelling, pain, hard to swallow) so I was sent for blood work and an ultrasound. I have two nodules on my thyroid, one not so big the other is, so I am scheduled to have a ultrasound biopsy on the 20th. Has anyone else had these and had a biopsy done? Just how painful is it going to be (I'm a big baby), she told me they would give me shots to numb the area before they did the biopsy and that it "wasn't THAT bad". What should I expect?
  3. Ok, the dr sent me for a thyroid ultrasound and tons of blood work. I was called this week with the results, I have two nodules on my thyroid and some of the blood work came back off. She is thinking I have Hashimotos Disease but I have to go for some more tests next week. I will also have to go have a biopsy of the nodules. Anyone else have this?
  4. I was also turned down after my first time in front of the judge. I had my lawyer write a letter to appeal the decision (against her advice). When I got my second chance with the judge I (again without the lawyer) went to my rheumatologist and asked him to write a letter for me to take to the judge. Needless to say, my lawyer was not very helpful at all so I was pretty much on my own. My letter from the dr stated that I was permanently disabled, would not get better, and as an "attempt to give me a little quality of life, he had placed me on methotrexate and pain pills". That letter that I reqested myself, paid for myself and gave to the judge myself in the meeting is what got me my disability. Maybe something like that would help you out. Good Luck!!!! Don't go in there nervous, go in there determined to get what you need and deserve!
  5. I have pain in the front part of my neck (kind of like where a mans adams apple would be) and swelling. Called the dr this morning and she put me on predinisone. Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms?
  6. Hi, just wanted to wish you good luck. I received my approval last Saturday, but that was after I had a hearing before a judge, was disapproved, filed an appeal, my appeal was approved and then I had to wait for a second hearing. I had my rheumatologist write a letter specifically for me to take to the hearing. It was rather costly but well worth. In the letter he said that I was totally disabled, he told what all my symptoms were and how they affected me, and he said that he had recently put me on methotrexate which is a chemo drug to " try to improve my quality of life". I think that letter is what helped me get approved most of all. Just thought I would pass that on in case you wanted to get a letter written to take with you. Any questions you would like to ask just e-mail me. Again, good luck!! Think positive!
  7. Hi everyone, after two years of applying for disability, being turned down twice, getting an appeal for a new judge, lots of crying and hoping, I received my letter of approval in the mail this morning! Don't let anyone say you can't get it!! My own lawyer told me I would never get it (isn't she great?) but I told her that she worked for me and I wanted an appeal, she told me I was wasting my time, but I made her do it anyway. I had my second hearing one week ago and received my approval today. I just want to say that if you are trying, never, never, never give up!!!! I also was wondering from any of you who already receive disability, I know you have to receive it for 2 years before you are eligible for Medicare but does anyone know what date they use to begin the two years? Also wanted to thank you all for answering my million questions about methotrexate with such patience. I really don't know what I would do without having this site to come to for help.
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