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  1. Hi Jo, Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, agreed googling symptoms is never the best path forward but after reading a bit more through the forum, I’m definitely a bit more alarmed as I feel that so many things other people are experiencing, I’m experiencing but maybe to a lesser extent at this point? I just wonder if it’s very early. In any case, I know anxiety is hugely detrimental to any health issue so I agree, getting that under control is paramount. I have an appt with a rheumatologist tomorrow so I’m hoping I can get a few more answers and/or tests. Thanks aga
  2. I’m new to all of this and absolutely terrified and would really like someone to offer some guidance/advice. Please help. I’m a 34 year old, otherwise seemingly healthy female living in Seattle. Over the the past month I’ve had some very odd symptoms that now that I’m putting together, seem it could be this. Slightly dry and bloodshot eyes, weird rashes, more broken blood vessels than I’ve ever noticed, GI issues, cold feet that turn blue only when I’m sitting, weight loss and some back pain. I’ve battled severe health anxiety and depression for most of my life and this just feels
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