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  1. Hello! so long story short, back in 2019 I was hit with stress from my studies and both a family member and a best friend's death. These both took a toll on me and my body started feeling weird-my legs were super achy and I was having muscle pain, but no other symptoms. I went to my primary doctor and he ran blood tests. He found ANA homogenous @ 1:320 - Anti-Smith - 1.3 positive and centromere B- 4.7 positive. I was then referred to a rheumatologist and she ran it again. she said since my pattern is not centromere (it's diffuse) and I have the Anti-Sm (very specific to lupus and only found i
  2. Hi Jacob, I am a 23 year old female with the same antibodies and asymptomatic! I figured all this out about 10 months ago, and I'm still fine. Since your GERD was already present for many years, I doubt it relates to the antibodies. My mom has terrible GERD - so that can be a genetic thing. I also run a lot, eat really healthy, and what not. I would suggest we stay proactive with our health and not worry too much(even though it can be hard) because we still have a nice long life ahead! I read alot on ACA --- it can occur in individuals with Lupus or other diseases - and sometimes
  3. Hi Kelly Choi, and EastCoastMom Nice to see someone else is the same as me. I am 23 years old, live in Illinois, positive Centromere of 4.7 but no symptoms! When did you figure out about these? I figured out about mine 10 months ago, still no symptoms. I hope all is well with you, please keep us updated. I am fairly healthy, going into dentistry (fingers crossed) and eat a healthy diet - I think this being a health nut is what saved me until now! lol. If you dont mind me asking, how old are both of you? I'm guessing this can only show it's symptoms post-menopause or som
  4. Hope all of you are doing well, You may have heard this type of question many times; but I was curious about your first clinical skin symptoms. How do facial changes even begin? Does it proceed after many years of other symptoms such as Raynaud's, or sclerodactyly? Also, if you had facial changes, how did they begin/manifest? I heard somewhere it must be symmetrical or else, it's not really scleroderma. Thank you for your time, blessings!
  5. Hi, One day I had nerve like pain running down my legs and arms due to some studying stress at the time. And I had visited my general practitioner for some help, and he decided to order the blood panel and it said centromere B 4.7. However, literally after 1 month it went away. I think it was my stress because thank goodness it hasn't come back since. It felt like a billion bees stinging my legs - just my legs. Then he referred me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist a few months later ordered an ANA and ENA panel. I then got my results and voila, completely different results : it was
  6. Based on those of you with positive results and well knowledgable on ANA and ENA results, is it possible to be Centromere- B positive and still be healthy and asymptomatic? I know it is associated with limited Sclero , but I was wondering if it's a "severely" symptomatic form of scleroderma? I tested positive 10 months ago accidentally and thank goodness, I dont manifest clinical symptoms, not even Raynaud's, hence the confusion. Could it only accumulate to Raynaud's and never get worse? A few months later, I was tested again and they found me to be Anti-SM positive, which is highl
  7. Hi all, I'm fairly young, 23 years old . I DO NOT have scleroderma, but I had blood work done a few months ago when I got nerve like shooting pains down my arms and legs while studying for exams my last year of university. Here were my results : ANA positive at 1:320 ; Diffuse/homogenous pattern and Anti-Smith Positive at 1.3. I think these weird symptoms were mostly due to stress because my best friend had died from leukemia and just 1 week later, my aunt died as well. This took a toll on me and I was very depressed and stressed. I know stress is highly correlated to the immune sy
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