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  1. Hi missyquack. Springfield has a scleroderma group. I haven't looked into it because I may have nothing, but I did see they said something about St Louis. Other than that, best I can find from this website is Chicago or Dallas. Warmer in Dallas lol.
  2. Well, I didn't die of pain like I was afraid of after stopping the over the counter medicine I was taking that was financially breaking us. I'm just pretty miserable but I can still do what I need to do. Just very slowly. The same day I stopped I did get my primary care doctor to prescribe me gabapentin because I have some terrible peripheral neuropathy going on and I definitely can't live with that. What blood tests that have come back so far look good for the basic stuff. CRP is still pretty high and my vitamin D was super low again, so I'm dealing with that. Chest xray came back no
  3. Thanks. I reckon I'm more disappointed in the process. Just ready for a name. I was a little surprised that she didn't check my skin at all anywhere. Didn't look at anything but knuckles on my hands. I agree on the specialist part for sure eventually. Our rheumatology department is very lacking here. 1 full time who doesn't except new patients and 2 that travel around and are here 1 week a month. I figured Springfield Missouri would be better. But yeah I mainly wanted to get my story started and I was pretty low yesterday when I did. I had made the decision before the a
  4. I have been reading here for awhile. Have read all the stories and am on almost page 500 on main forums. First I want to say wow. There are and have been an amazing group of people here. Ok so about me. I'm 39 male father of 5. I had an accident 5 years ago which pretty all they found was a bulging disc at l5-s1. But I also had a little broken skin spot at my elbow that got infected and took over almost my whole arm. A trip 2 hospital and IV antibiotics it went away, but I think it woke up a monster inside me. For 5 years now I have been trying to get pain relief with no help. Bec
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