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  1. Just want to put it out there my life experience which includes bouts of food getting stuck in my throat. I'm a 40 year old male with a history of acid reflux since mid-teens. Ups and downs with heartburn; anxiety; feeling off into my 30's. It finally got to a point where it was a task to function normally at which time, among other things, I was advised to visit a Naturopathic Clinic. Here I was that I was highly allergic to gluten - at the time I didn't know what gluten was! My wife was starting an elimination diet around the same time which I also took part in and over time felt better. It can take up to 3 weeks for gluten to completely leave the body. As soon as I tried re-introducing gluten again - back came familiar symptoms. So I've been gluten free for 5 years with no heartburn; regular digestion; zero brain fog; no dysphagia; no anxiety - overall great feeling. It is a big adjustment switching your diet and I do cheat from time to time with some of the above symptoms creeping back again which keeps me in check. I'm not saying this is the fix for everyone but it definitely was for me. I only wish someone had told me about it earlier. Also, discovered in my 30's that I love coffee, but coffee does not love me! Hard on my digestion which affects me overall. I try and stay away from it as much as possible. All the best!
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