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  1. Hi Dimarzio Couple more questions Do you take any meds? By stretching exercise you mean Yoga? Cause according to some people with SSc, Yoga helped them a lot with battling with scleroderma and even got them into full remission. Thank you George
  2. Thank you for all the answers! Dimarzio How long have you been suffering from these symptoms? Do you have other issues or complications of scleroderma? What's your ANA or maybe there are antibodies that have been found in your blood? Was your doctor familiar with underskin tissue feeling? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone, My name is George and I'm new to this forum. Please sorry for my English. Just a bit of a history of my disease. In July 2018 I was noticing that I have a mucus and some blood in my stool (fecal). It had been about 6 month since I firstly noticed it, but it happened once in a week or two and I didn't pay attention. I also have GERD and reflux. So when I had a schedule check up with my Gastro doctor I told he that it was bothering me a bit, but it didn't give me any pain or something. She told me to do a colonoscopy to
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