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  1. Dear Joelf, Thanks so much for the response. Seems prednisone had good effect for you (although it turned out an expensive experience...!). Do you think it might damage the tissues of the fingers and toes to have them go numb every night due to the swelling? Should I insist to get a new assessment (now on low dose Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg per day)? As is right now I feel only way to avoid the swelling and numbness is to sleep in a chair! Or never sleep!! Thanks again!
  2. Hi, I have after my 40ies developed problems with numbness of my hands, Raynauds and autoantibodies with centromeric pattern as well as some mostly mild problems with arthritis and tendinitis. Suspicion is systemic sclerosis, but too early for a diagnosis. I hardly have any skin involvement. And nail capillary microscopy was uncertain, vessels looked borderline normal. A year ago the numbness of my hands, which mainly happened during night or while riding a bike, reading a book - anything requiring elevation of my arms or flexing of my wrist - took a new course. Before it had been lookin
  3. Hi! I’m having more and more problems with my hands during night time; the problems come as two parts: swelling and numbness. The swelling is my fingers being swollen in the night and the morning, problem to make a fist. But does not hurt. The other part is numbness which is very much like carpal tunnel syndrome because my fingers get numb, mostly the little finger and the ring finger, just like the symptom picture for carpal tunnel. Sometimes also other fingers such as thumb and index. However, I have had this checked (because I keep waking up a lot!! And need to exercise my hands) and p
  4. Hi! I just experienced almost two weeks of flu with fever, and I have the impression that my symptoms from systemic sclerosis became much worse during my disease. It does make sense in a way, but I just wanted to check if anyone else recognized this. Since I started with Plaquenil in the beginning of November my fingers and hands were much better, initially I had problems with Carpal tunnel symptoms and numbness/swelling of my fingers in the mornings. My doctor said it’s not due to regular Carpal tunnel symptoms, but to leakage of the small vessels causing numbness and swellin
  5. Dear Joelf, Thanks so much for providing your insights, this is very helpful to me. I’m happy to hear that your lung involvement actually calmed down. It is also encouraging to read all the stories and realize that I’m not the only one with problems getting a proper/final diagnose, I could also read some posts in relation to doctors being reluctant to establishing a final diagnosis due to potential insurance issues. For me (as for many others it seems) it is a difficult period of not knowing, and also it makes it tricky not being able to explain to colleagues/relatives/friend
  6. Hi! I’m a 47 year old woman. My rheumatologist says that I most probably have early systemic sclerosis (SSc). It all started many years ago with arthritis. It was 18 years ago just after I had my first child and I recovered and almost forgot about it. 2018 it happened again. Same joints. Also big problem with my feet (plantar fascitis) and achilles tendons. Before that in 2015 I developed Raynaud’s and was found to have centromeric autoantibodies and carpal tunnel syndrome, but no skin involvement. In October last year my fingers started to swell night time so that it w
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