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  1. I have had excellent luck with adding a few drops of baby shampoo to my sinus wash. There are many research papers on the subject and I would encourage you to take a look if you’re so inclined. You may also want to see an endocrinologist to rule out a pituitary tumor – after three failed surgeries I finally figured it out myself - that’s what was causing my recurrent deviated septum! I hope you feel better very soon. Take care.
  2. Re: Tendonitis/tendon tightness or a popping sensation which causes great pain. For me this seems to have been caused by Vitamin D3! Although my D3 level is always low, when I start having tendon problems I back off a bit and thankfully this has worked every time so far. When I resume taking the D3 as prescribed, the tendon issues inevitably start up again after a while. My doctor is totally stumped as to why this happens, however I’m just grateful to have (accidentally!) found some relief for the time being. My mother was recently diagnosed with DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis of th
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