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  1. Hi Joelf. Thank you for your response. I did take a look at that directory but the doctors are all in England and we live in Wales. 1. Is it possible to be treated by a specialist in England if you live in Wales? 2. Is there a similar list for specialists operating in Wales?
  2. Hi. I don't have scleroderma but my wife has diffuse systemic sclerosis. Unfortunately it isn't officially diagnosed. That in itself is a long story. She has two other immune system conditions, both rare, and both dermatological in nature. She is an NHS patent. A few years ago a general practitioner (GP) told her she had elevated antibodies in her blood that could indicate sclerosis. Last year she started to develop symptoms that pointed to systemic sclerosis (pains in joints, pains in kidneys, issues with swallowing, weakness and skin tightening) and was admitted to our local hosp
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