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  1. Hi, I have been diagnosed with this and in a recent letter from the Doctors it had Anti Scleroderma-70 positive. Anybody know what this means?
  2. Hi Recently been diagnosed. At the moment the only symptoms I have are Raynaud's and I get a spotty face after drinking alcohol. Does anybody else get a reaction when drinking? I also seem to be super sensitive to caffeine and urinate alot. Can anyone relate to this?
  3. Hi I have always been a heavy drinker and noticed some physical changes and blamed it on that. After getting Raynaud's I went to see a Doctor who explained the broken veins heart burn and bump on my face all showed signs of this along with the Raynaud's. I have also been have lots of mini panic attacks and sometimes find it hard to look at people. Which is known as a social anxiety. I am now wondering if this can also be a symptom. Does anybody know if anxiety can be a symptom of systemic sclerosis please? I am having loads of tests done and will make a list of questio
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