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  1. Thank you for your response and opinion, I am on the UK waiting list for CBT Therapy in the South, that comes with a 4 month waiting list unfortunately but I am open to trying to resolve the anxiety side of things. I just can't shake that these symptoms are not scleroderma, I know how ignorant it sounds - but the wrinkly hands, raw finger tips, skin peeling, hands indenting easily and holding the indent for hours, lump and rashes are completely freaking me out. I understand google is not a doctor and will never replace a specialist, but having every symptom I find odd have the first or second
  2. Hi all, A huge worrier here. I am convinced I have scleroderma. My symptoms started in September. I am a 25 y.o female. I just felt unwell, had a bruised feeling in my ribs and vision had become blurry in one eye. I have since had rib and pelvic pain, trouble swallowing, digestive issues and most recently I am now experiencing unexplained raised rashes on legs, on/off rashes on other parts of my body with white blotchiness, red flat itchy spots on my hands, an all over feeling of being ‘sunburnt’, extremely watery eyes and I now have had joint aches on/off in my fingers
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